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Caffe Nero Store No. 250 Wandsworth Bridge Road was my 250th visit. What a strange coincidence !

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Alan's Nero Tour began in 2014 while on a holiday in the North East of England, Wendy and I went by bus from Newcastle to Middlesbrough to see the Transporter Bridge, after a lengthy walk and eventually finding the bridge, sadly it was closed for refurbishment, so it was a long trek back to the town for a coffee break. We found Caffe Nero and discovered the lovely ambience, friendly barista's and enjoyed the excellent coffee, which made up for the earlier disappointment. Since then, travelling by public transport (I do not drive a car!), I have visited 272 different Caffe Nero coffee shops (so far) on my visits and have collected an assortment of Caffe Nero publicity, takeaway cups and other items as souvenirs.


As featured in the METRO newspaper on-line edition 12th August 2016

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Caffe Nero stores visited in ABC order

Caffe Nero stores visited in store No. order

Caffe Nero - Nero Stars award 2015

Caffe Nero - Out and about on "Alans Nero Tour"

  Caffe Nero - Alans Nero Tour collage views

Caffe Nero - Feedback Cards

Caffe Nero  - Loyalty Cards

Caffe Nero WiFi guide leaflets

Caffe Nero  - Early Guide to Coffee

Caffe Nero Cups

Caffe Nero Christmas Cups 2008, 2013 to 2017

Caffe Nero Cup Sleeves

Caffe Nero Frappe Creme Sleeves

Caffe Nero Porridge tubs

Caffe Nero Sugar wrappers

Caffe Nero Belgian Milk Chocolate 1 Euro Coin

Caffe Nero Ginnie and Gino the Gingerbread Men

Caffe Nero St Mungos Wooly Hat Day 27/1/2017

Caffe Nero signs printed in English and Welsh

Caffe Nero cups from the past

Caffe Nero Virgin Red Competition Cards

Caffe Nero Coffee at Home Brewing Tips Cards

Caffe Nero Alans Nero Tour news articles

Caffe Nero - Amelia's paintings and illustrations

Alan's Caffe Nero "WISH LIST"

 Nero Roasting Co. Battersea

Alan's Caffe Nero app - Christmas 2017 prizes won


Caffe Nero official website

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